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News and some rumours...
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News and some rumours...

Fresh news...


This is a pretty snazzy article that pretty much dispels the rumors about why FFTL took the break off of warped tour this year.

If any of you have heard different rumors about it, please know that they are not doing warped tour this year strictly because of Sonny's vocal chord problems. Anything else that you hear is not true.

Check it out here:

Band's Song Appears in Dawson's Creek Episode
Posted 1/1/00

The song "Sad Eyes" was played last night over the closing credits on "Dawson's Creek." It fit the plot perfectly, and it was great to hear a favorite song unexpectedly.

Contributed by John


Well,seams that Matt Good is single...

I don't know...

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

They're are very awesome!